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Feminist Sex Education...

• Emphasizes autonomy, personal responsibility, consent, healthy, equitable relationships, self-esteem, nonsubordination and nonviolence, safety, health, happiness and pleasure and real equality for all sexes and/or genders in sexuality, in which equal voice and accord are given to and issues from any/ all partners in sexual partnerships or sexual activity.

• Operates under the given that all people have an inalienable, inarguable right to complete, inarguable ownership of their own, individual bodies and desires; that sexuality and sexual pleasure is a positive and valuable experience in its own right, not merely or only a side effect of reproduction, health, biology or romance, nor a means for material exchange.

• Does not treat gender or sex as binary, and acknowledges gender as constructed, not essential, biological or assigned.

• Recognizes the sexual desires and sexuality of women or women-identified people as complete on their own, rather than as an answer to or product or adjunct of male-identified sexuality, male sexual partnership or marriage, as well as acknowledging a wide diversity of sexual desire, experience and identity among women. Presents women's sexuality more broadly than as only heterosexual intercourse, emotional bonding or leverage or reproduction.

• Recognizes the bodies and genitals of all people as active, engaged parts of a whole, rather than passive or as object. Presents partnered sex broadly, acknowledging the wide array of sexual activities which may be "real" partnered sex, not merely heterosexual intercourse.

• Understands and presents sexual activity, with or without partners, as a choice not a requirement or an obligation. Encourages consent as active: not as passive, a not-no or compliance, but as a complete, informed and enthusiastic yes, and encourages open, honest communication in all sexual activities and with all sexual partners.

• Is pro-choice, supporting the right of women -- as men have -- to have complete sovereignity over their bodies at all times, including during pregnancy and equally supporting the right of women to choose abortion, adoption or parenting -- whichever is best for them by their own determination -- in the event they become pregnant. Supports the use of, and encourages complete access to, contraception, safer sex and preventative, holistic sexual healthcare for all, and the position that public policies for women should not be made by men.

• Recognizes the strong and pervasive effect of cultural and personal sex and gender roles on the individual and interpersonal sexuality, and educates readers about those roles and their right to choose sex and gender roles which are desired, not assigned. Addresses inequalities of sex and gender which effect sexuality, such as the effects of commodifying women's bodies, the glorification of male-on-female or male-on-male sexual violence, objectifcation of women or trans people, other minorities and sexuality in the media, economics, the greater sexual burdens women bear, greater rates of sexual abuse and rape of women, as well as the detrimental effects of patriarchy upon men, male sexuality, identity and relationships.

• Acknowledges the reality of sexual and other interpersonal abuse and violence and works to counter and prevent those abuses among all sexes and genders, as well as recognizing that many women have survived these abuses, and that this needs be a consideration with sexuality education and understanding of human sexuality.

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